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徕卡系列纪录片Let Us Roam之Arto Saari章节上线,这位传奇滑手涉足摄影界是因为伤病的困扰,但滑板给他带来的是对世界全新的认知,让他可以用独一无二的视角看待整个世界,听听Arto Saari自己讲述自己的摄影之路
Few people have had as much influence on skateboarding as Arto Saari. And while multiple knee surgeries have made Arto question how to perpetually one-up himself over and over on a skateboard, his injuries also led him to photography, forcing him to look at the world in a completely different—yet equally creative—way. Skateboarders are natural adaptors and will overcome any situation they’re thrown into. This short film captures that transition and Arto’s process to make photography his profession.

Let Us Roam is an ongoing short film series by Chris Murphy, supported by Leica Camera. This series features stories about photographers, artists, filmmakers, and musicians who found their creativity through skateboarding. For a lot of us, skating is a lifestyle that breeds creativity and is often the doorway leading to other avenues of expression. This four-part film series tells the stories from behind the lens and the path that led these artists to photography.



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