SOME Chill Footage Vol.21 Hanoi Vietnam - KickerClub

最新一期《SOME Chill Footage Vol.21 Hanoi Vietnam》上线!出演滑手:@LinhDo @WOLL-Phan Bao Nguyen, Son Nguyen, Quan Lee & LB Homies,本期SCF由 @SHOX滑板公司 当地赞助滑手Linh Do与队友WOLL带来越南河内一些滑板画面.
SOME Chill Footage Vol.21 Hanoi Vietnam Rider:Linh Do,Bao Nguyen,Quan Lee,Woll Phan,Son Nguyen & LB Homies Music by: Onra 《Chinoiseries》- Welcome to Viet Nam Onra 《Chinoiseries part 2》- Raw Shit Filmed & Edited by: WOLL PHAN


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