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X Games Austin职业组比赛结束,机器人Nyjah再次捧得一重量级冠军,而紧随其后名列第二的是Luan Oliveira,Alec Majerus则把第三名收入囊中,女子组比赛里,滑板女神Leticia Bufoni获得了第三名,第二名由Pamela Rosa获得,Lacey Baker则强势夺得第一
No Doubt Nyjah won the first price, Luan the second and the third priced awared to Alec Majerus. Leticia Bufoni wins a bronze medal in Women_s Skateboard Street,Pamela Rosa wins a silver medal in Women_s Skateboard Street,Lacey Baker wins gold Women_s Skateboard Street at X Games, here are the videos of their own run.

Nyjah Huston 89.33分回合

Luan Oliveira 60分回合

Alec Majerus 85.66分回合

Leticia Bufoni回合

Pamela Rosa回合

Lacey Baker回合


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