Skate Streetstyle Preview, 2014 Dew Tour Toyota City Championships Brooklyn, New York - KickerClub

Dew Tour比赛纽约Brooklyn站即将于美国时间9月21日周日打响!又是一年精彩比赛,城市主干道即将封闭!Zered Bassett,Alec Majerus,Curren Caples,Nick Merlino,Greg Lutzka等人将在这里一决高下!
For the fourth time in history, Dew Tour will shutdown a major metropolitan street in a big city to erect a true-to-life streetstyle course. Watch Brooklyn local Zered Bassett try his luck against Alec Majerus, Nick Merlino, Curren Caples, Greg Lutzka and more on Franklin Street in Brooklyn, N.Y. on Sunday, September 21.


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