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Parisii / XIX

| 22 Nov 2014 ||

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@NikeSB 赞助拍摄法国长片Parisii/XIX出炉!黑白色的画面穿插视频之中复古感觉十足,一群人从中国城出发将整个巴黎玩遍,各种奇怪的连招随处可见,将欧洲滑手独有的快节奏表现地淋漓尽致

Our Paris visit, orchestrated by Greg Dezecot and Olivier Fanchon continues! The XIXth arrondissement on its own, both improbable cultural patchwork and an often heterogeneous mix of classic Paris landscape with already dated modern architecture, would already be the ideal playground, but this edit goes a bit further.
This is the first collaboration of the project creators with Matias Elichabehere, a musician whose work you would already know from Minuit, Soleil Levant, or Lenz2… Matias even filmed quite a lot for this, on top of cutting a custom fit soundtrack, offering you a quite special Parisii episode. Enjoy with both eyes and ears!


  1. 2014-11-23 at 12:22 SINA:矜持的野哥

    nIKE sb 赞助 怎么全是阿迪的鞋子


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