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著名奢侈品品牌Louis Vuitton新增了背包“V”系列产品线,背包上有显眼的全新设计“V”字Logo,你可能很奇怪这跟滑板有什么关系?为了宣传“V”系列产品,LV拍摄了“Movers”系列视频,竟然找来了Alex Olson!不多说了!Alex Olson进军奢侈品圈了!
Louis Vuitton adds a new collection to their luxurious repertoire under the simple moniker “V.” Designed with versatility in mind, the offerings make use of flexible and adaptable shapes, exterior zip pockets, interior compartments and removable straps in order to suit today’s constant life in motion. The new “V” signature, meanwhile, is linked to one of Louis Vuitton’s most innovative characters, Gaston-Louis Vuitton. He originally developed this graphic design as his personal signature on trunks and other travel pieces in the early 20th century.

Coinciding with the introduction of the line of leather goods is the series “Movers,” featuring talented individuals who explore different mediums and blur the lines between lifestyle and art. Among the first creatives featured in the series is professional skater Alex Olson, who through his range of interests has turned the city into a canvas for his creative output. With crossover fashion/streetwear label Bianca Chandon under his belt, Olson is the perfect vessel for the iconic house’s latest venture.
Watch the short film above and stay tuned for more information straight from Louis Vuitton’s website on February 9. In the meantime, enjoy another installment of “Movers” starring Tokyo creative Ryoichi Kurokawa over at Selectism.


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