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all this Mayhem
2014滑板记录大片All This Mayhem《所有伤痛》上架iTunes,讲述了墨尔本一对兄弟从街头小混混成长为滑板冠军的故事,年轻时的他们酗酒吸毒暴怒狂躁,灭掉Tony Hawk也让他们名噪一时,当他们现在回顾这一切,所有年轻时的伤痛终将痊愈。
Melbourne brothers Tas and Ben Pappas took the skateboarding world by storm. Within a year they defeated Tony Hawk and were crowned International World Champions. From the makers of award-winning documentaries Senna and Exit Through The Gift Shop, All This Mayhem is a searing account of what happens when raw talent and extreme personalities collide.



all this mayhel

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