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TWS最近給Stance新科技Stance Deathless Thread袜子来了一次终极大测试,直接穿着袜子上滑板!据Stance官方宣布Deathless Thread耐用性比普通袜子强20倍,那么直接上滑板会是怎样的体验,看来以后滑板鞋子都不用穿了!
We scored a pair of the new Stance Deathless Thread socks and wanted to put them to the test. They are specifically designed to be 20 times more durable than your traditional athletic sock, they don’t promise to not tear, but they’ll resist tearing for a longer period once your shoes wear through. So we took the product testing a step further and lost the shoes all together and got Kyle Leeper to do some street dancing in them to see how they would hold up.


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