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New Balance最新滑板大片Data Roaming发布!全片竟然都是用iPhone 6拍摄的!当然摄影师使用了外置镜头,最重要的是摄影师可是空城计的导演Russell Houghten!强大的Team也是看点,PJ,Arto Saari,Levi Brown等全员出镜!速度看起!
The level of quality on phones is getting insane, and one day, a conversation about iPhones spawned an idea: Could we go out on a trip and only use phones to capture it all? Working within the limitations could prove interesting, maybe even disastrous, but NB# decided it might be worth it to see if they could put out a quality product shot exclusively on the iPhone 6. And after watching this video, it’s safe to say they succeeded. Check out the article in our November issue to go along with the video, also shot solely with an iPhone. #NBDataRoaming


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