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Fucking Awesome 发布了一段最新视频,旗下滑手 Sean Pablo,Sage Elsesser 还有 Jason Dill,AVE 都有出镜!如果你喜欢 Supreme 2014年发布的 Cherry 那种风格,那这部片子绝对是你的菜。
Logan Lara uploaded Part 1 of his video to YouTube today. It features full parts from Sean Pablo and Sage Elsesser, and cameos from most of the FA crew—Jason Dill and Anthony Van Engelen included. If you’re a fan of Supreme’s Cherry (2014) and the Fucking Awesome web edits, then you’ll definitely enjoy this clip. There’s also a nice thank you to Dylan Rieder at the end—which may explain the timing of this online release.


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