Antihero 正式发布 Brian Anderson 欢迎视频 - KickerClub

一个月前 Antihero 宣布 Brian Anderson 加入旗下!现在正式发布了欢迎视频 — John Cardiel 对 Brian Anderson 的一个简短访谈,里面还有 BA 的一些视频片段。BA也是滑板圈第一个承认自己出柜的大牌PRO,有着深远影响力。
A month ago, Brian Anderson was announced as the newest pro on Antihero. In honor of its fall drop, Antihero released this video of a conversation between John Cardiel and Brian Anderson that serves as his introduction. The informal conversation is peppered with new BA footage that’s a real treat. Watch the video above.


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