Lakai x FTC 合作新片段 - KickerClub

Lakai 和旧金山滑板店 FTC 联合发布了新款产品,并且拍摄了这部来自湾区的滑板片!FTC 队伍滑手 Nico Hiraga,Tafari Whitter等人走上了街头,速度体会!
FTC team riders Nico Hiraga, Tafari Whitter, and Jonathan Perez were hand picked by Mike Carroll years ago to represent Lakai up in The City. The three have grown into their own, and been putting on for FTC and Lakai hard over the past few years, and this Holiday season our latest collaboration with the legendary San Francisco skateshop is based on these three Bay Area young bucks.


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