NikeSB 重新发布 ZOOM FC - KickerClub

在刚刚庆祝完 Dunk 的15周年纪念之后,@NikeSB 联合旧金山滑板店 FTC 将曾经 2003 年的 Team 款 Zoom FC 重新发布,去年刚刚流行的Toe Cap 设计,今年重新发布的T型鞋头又将给市场注入新的潮流。
NIKE SB TO REISSUE THE ZOOM FC IN COLLABORATION WITH FTC. After celebrating the Dunk’s historic 15 years, Nike SB looks back at their heritage with re-release of the Zoom FC. The late 2003 team model has been celebrated by many and with the embrace of the T-toe in full effect, the timing is perfect.


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