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在刚刚结束的 Dew Tour 2017 职业街式比赛中,Kelvin Hoefler 凭借自己出色发挥获得了第一名,Nyjah Huston 位列第二,值得一提的是日本滑手 Yuto Horigame 力压 Shane O’Neill,Mikey Papa 等大牌PRO夺得季军!这也是前不久Damn AM比赛日本选手夺冠之后又一个站在国际大型比赛领奖台上的日本滑手!
Some of the best skateboarders in the world went head to head at the Dew Tour finals today in Long Beach, California. After hitting all the three course during the semifinal the 12 semifinalists were narrowed down to the top 6.

1.) Kelvin Hoefler (95.40)

2.) Nyjah Huston (93.00)

3.) Yuto Horigame (91.40)

4.) Shane O’Neill (89.20)

5.) Micky Papa (84.20)

6.) Tommy Fynn (80.60)

Zumiez Destroyer Award: Alec Majerus


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