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Andrew Reynolds 的签名款 G6 发布!片中还有鞋子剖面详解,看上去就是安全感十足,而且鞋子好得让Boss本人在片中已经词穷了!“讲道理,这鞋子我设计的,我非常骄傲!”
Inspired by the classic pro models of Andrew’s past, the Reynolds G6 is not only a hybrid, combining the design cues from the Reynolds 1 and 2, but also features new technology, modernizing this style into a category all its own. Inspired by the iconic pro models of Andrew’s past. The new Reynolds G6 is a true cupsole with a “pour-in” G6 poly-urethane midsole. The toecap features a double-double sided layer of hot melt that bonds the panels together. All designed and created up to Andrew’s standards. 100% backed by The Boss.


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