Volcom 冲浪大片背后的趣事Osmo Thrombo - KickerClub

有些计划就是用来被打破的。Volcom 原本在澳洲进行拍摄的冲浪旅途新片结果最后来到了印尼。摄像师和摄影师刚从美国飞到悉尼,然后跟着大家玩了一圈澳新冲浪地点之后来到了亚洲,最后一分钟赶上航班,酒店还有交通都让大家难忘。我们来看这部拍摄冲浪片背后好玩的故事: Osmo Thrombo
Sometimes plans are meant to be changed. We set out to document a surf trip in Australia and ended up in Indonesia. Nate Leal (videographer) and I (still photographer) flew from California to Sydney ready to jump on another flight to Brisbane to meet up with surfers Ozzie Wright, Noa Deane, and Mitch Coleborn, along with Mikey Mallalieu (Aussie videographer). However, during the long trans Pacific flight, the forecast and weather turned grim to say the least. So, in the Sydney airport, we lined up last minute flights, accommodations, and transfers for all of us to one of Indo’s mysto, less frequented islands.


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