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turD 上海轰趴

| 23 Oct 2017 ||

@-turD- 在上海举办了一场属于兄弟的派对,来自上海的滑手包括@王玓WD @徐侠客-LADY滑板 等人,现场音乐,滑板,还有 turD 的最新视频,全场都沸腾了,一起来海量图片回顾现场热情!
turD held a house party to bring together the skaters from Shanghai as well our closest friends. Together with help from Kickerclub and GRNX we threw a bangin’ party that brought together music, skateboarding, and good times. At the end we showed the newest Hall of turDs video (H.O.T) and the crowd went wild.

Rapper: 无糖可乐
DJ: DJ 4tael
Attendees: 王玓,徐兆,DJ(filmer), close friends
turD: WTX, Luciano, Monkeyman, Winston, Andy


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