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Woodward 在墨西哥又开新版场 Woodward Riviera Maya。占地2700平方米,三层楼的滑板场从生活设施到体育设施一应俱全,还针对不同年龄段的滑手打造了不同道具,还有蹦床,海绵池等等,这里简直是滑板人的天堂!
This isn’t your everyday kind of paradise. This is Woodward and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. This 29,000 sq. ft. Three level shrine to lifestyle sports is built for thrills, and uniquely designed for all skill levels. Woodward Riviera Maya will offer the one-of-a-kind chance to snowboard and ski in Mexico, along with a skate and BMX park, trampolines and foam pits, parkour, cheer and a Digital Media.


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