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2020 年春节,疫情在中国爆发了。一群滑板人发现他们所生活的城市,一座世界上人口数量最多的城市之一,上海,开始了封城行动。

导演,拍摄剪辑:Amerigo Brini
无人机:Lalo Lopez, Alex Greenberg
原创构思:Paolo Baglio & Daniele Bertinelli
声音监制:Paolo Baglio;音响设计&混音:Paolo Baglio
出品:PUSH Media

二月初的上海街头,照片:Chris Rees



这部由 Amerigo Brini (PUSH Media)带来的纪录片,呈现了一个身处这场全球性疫情之中的滑手的第一视⻆。

In late winter 2020, as the coronavirus broke out in China, a group of skateboarders found themselves living in a partial lockdown of the world’s most populous city, Shanghai. Many countries closed their borders to China, and a general sense of panic was quickly spreading around the world.

In reality, the strict controls imposed by the government ensured that Shanghai was much safer and calmer than the news made it seem. The emptiness of the city provided a completely new backdrop for filming skateboarding, as doing so in Shanghai usually means navigating chaotic traffic and dodging endless crowds.

This documentary by Amerigo Brini (PUSH Media) presents the first wave of the global pandemic from the point of view of skateboarders who experienced it on the inside.

三月份的上海 LP,照片:Erik Thorbeck
Amerigo 和保安在上海 LP,照片:Erik Thorbeck
Andrea Colzani,照片:Amerigo Brini
Andrew & Bill照片:Amerigo Brini
“Diplomats”在浦东,照片:Brian Kleiber


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