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曾经 AVE PRO 发布的时候,Anthony Van Engelen 在纽约告诉我们:“现在我选择了拥抱科技,把最先进的科技加入到我的鞋款中。”
现在,原创极限运动鞋服品牌 Vans 宣布将带来 AVE 2.0 并“将目前最先进的科技运用在鞋款性能上。”
Anthony Van Engelen is always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible — in skateboarding and skate footwear alike. His new AVE 2.0 is a pinnacle expression of that ethos.

Put Vans Skateboarding’s most advanced technology ever with Anthony Van Engelen’s speed and power, and what do you have? The AVE 2.0, a cutting-edge skate shoe that both talks the talk and walks the walk. “20 years ago, skate shoes just gave the appearance of tech,” says Anthony Van Engelen of his new signature model. “Now, we’re in the future, where that technical design extends to the shoe’s performance.”
Van Engelen 拥有 25 年的辉煌职业生涯,其无所畏惧和不断挑战极限的精神让他一直身处滑板文化的最前沿。这种精神也延伸到了他的签名鞋款设计上,AVE 2.0 鞋款可以帮助滑手应对各样挑战。

With an illustrious quarter-century career, Van Engelen has remained at the forefront of Skate Culture due to the fearless nature of his skating and his willingness to always push boundaries. That mindset extends to his footwear too, and, as a result, the AVE 2.0 is designed to handle anything a skater can throw at it. The hero piece of the design is its unparalleled knit upper, made of technical textile with a zonal construction: extra stretch at the top of the foot and the collar makes for an adaptable fit, while open knit on the midfoot increase’s breathability and a more dense knit towards the heel aid with structure and durability. Combine this knit material with RapidWeld™ (A stitchless construction for improved fit and feel with a no-sew welded upper for seamless durability) suede vamps, bottom eye stays and toe boxes for enhanced flick plus an external TPU heel cage for increased lockdown, and you’ve got a shoe that can stack up to even the most grueling sessions.

“I’ve found knit material to be super comfortable, lightweight and breathable,” says AVE “Combined with suede in the more high-use parts of the shoe, it makes for a great mixture of design and performance.”

The AVE 2.0 also has a torrent of tech below its top half thanks to an UltimateWaffle™ midsole and outsole — a combination of UltraCush™ cushioning, a TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) midfoot support and SickStick™ rubber outsoles for cushioning and board feel — packed up in a neutral yet energizing color scheme that combines cream, white and black with a hit of neon green. “Vans and I have stayed on track with innovations over three signature shoes and ten years now,” says Van Engelen. “True innovation creates both a high-performance skate shoe and excitement for what’s possible in the future.”
鞋款将针织面料与无缝线拼接的 RapidWeld™ 麂皮面料、特制鞋带孔和加固鞋头相结合,使得鞋款的整体性能得到了提升。同时,外置 TPU 后跟可增强鞋款的稳定性,无论是多高强度的滑板训练,都能轻松应对。

Van Engelen 表示:“我发现针织材料的鞋款十分舒适、轻便、透气。同时,在鞋款磨损率较高的部位加上麂皮,即兼顾了设计细节又加强了鞋款性能。”
在 Instagram 上,他同时说:“这款鞋子已经开发了两年……我非常感激和 Vans 共事的近 20 年时光。作为一个在南加州长大的孩子,当我开始滑板时就穿着 Vans……我总是记得系好鞋带,读鞋舌内的标语 - VANS World’s #1Skateboarding shoe。
现在,这个承载 Vans 有史以来最先进科技的 AVE 2.0,不仅是我的荣誉,也信守着‘世界上最先进的滑板鞋”的承诺’。”

Accompanying the shoe’s release is a concise collection of apparel, including the Drill Chore AVE Loose Carp Denim Pant in “Pirate Black,” the AVE LS Woven in “Demitasse,” the AVE SS Tee in “Flame” and an AVE Beanie in “White.”

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