Willow Voges Fernandes

Willow, representing the new generation of skaters in Europe, came with the Vans team to Shanghai attending the AVE 2.0 demo on the North Bund. In Vans' new European film 'Where is Tom?,' Willow's three-minute opening part showcases his strong style and pure talent!

刚刚随 Vans team 前来上海参加完北外滩 AVE 2.0 表演的 Willow 是欧洲新一代滑手里的代表,在 Vans 欧洲新片 “Where is Tom?”中长达3分钟的开场片段,展现了他强劲的风格和纯粹的天赋!

Willow is 21 years old this year, hailing from Germany. His father was a snowboarder and freestyle skateboarder, so Willow was influenced to skateboard from a young age. After being discovered by Skatedeluxe Skateshop, he joined the Vans team for the Cologne tour in 2020, seamlessly integrating into the Vans family.

Willow 今年 21 岁,来自德国,父亲曾是单板滑雪和自由式滑板滑手,首父亲影响 Willow 自幼开始滑板,被 Skatedeluxe Skateshop 发掘后,于 2020 跟随 Vans team 科隆 tour,并完美的融入了 Vans 大家庭。

During a previous interview with the European skateboarding magazine 'SOLO,' Willow shared a story from the past. Willow's mother, who is a photographer, had received a job before the 9/11 attacks in 2001 that required her to travel to the Twin Towers in New York for a shoot. However, she missed her flight that day, narrowly avoiding the tragedy, which could have meant a very different outcome for Willow today.

Willow 在早前接受欧洲滑板杂志 《SOLO》采访时曾提到一段往事,Willow 的妈妈是一名摄影师,2001 年 911 事件之前曾接到一份工作需要前往纽约双子塔进行拍摄,但是因为临行当天没有赶上飞机而躲过了一截,险些就没有了今天的 Willow......

Tom the Cooler’s been on a bit of a ride with us. After his starring role in Tom’s Tales back in 2020, he retreated from the limelight – shying away from the fame that comes with being in a Vans Skateboarding film. But we dragged him out of his den and he joined the crew on a jaunt around Europe, including stops in Athens, Barcelona, Lisbon, Hamburg and more, to film the new full-length film.
‘Where is Tom?’ features full parts from Vans athletes including Martino Cattaneo, Jordan Thackeray, Rob Maatman, Willow Voges Fernandes, Notis Aggelis and Yeelen Moens, as well as a host of other Vans athletes from across Europe.

“Where is Tom” 是 Vans 欧洲继 “Tom’s Tales” 后又一部全长滑板大片,Vans team 去往雅典、巴塞罗那、里斯本、汉堡等各地拍摄,收录了 Vans 滑手 Martino Cattaneo、Jordan Thackeray、Rob Maatman、Willow Voges Fernandes、Notis Aggelis 和 Yeelen Moens 的完整个人片段,同时出镜的还有更多来自欧洲的 Vans 滑手。

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