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June 20th - Vans Sidewalk Sessions Zhengzhou

Besides the epic Go Skateboarding Day celebration, Vans is teaming up with the local CHELIN Skate Club and a bunch of rad skaters to kick off this year's first Vans Sidewalk Sessions tour right here in Zhengzhou! It all starts today and goes on for four straight days, so get ready for some serious shredding!
除了有令人期待的节日——世界滑板日。明天起 Vans 也将携手本地 CHELIN 滑板俱乐部和诸位滑手在本周连续四天,于郑州带来今年首站 Vans Sidewalk Sessions 城市巡滑!
📅 When: June 20th - 23rd,15:00 pm to late
📅 活动时间:6 月 20 日 - 23 日,每天 15:00
🏁 Where: No.3 Gate, Zhenghongcheng, Zhengzhou, Henan Province
🏁 活动地点:郑州正弘城东广场 3 号门

Vans is unveiling a brand new Sidewalk Sessions setup, with see-through hubbas, giant pencil and notebook obstacles, a combo bank-to-ledge with a rainbow rail... It's a skater's paradise, and all you guys can shred it for four days straight.
📕 Here's the deal: nail a trick on one of the designated obstacles, film it, and post it on Xiaohongshu with the tags @Vans and #Vans城市巡滑. You could score a Vans skate pack! 💴 And there's cold hard cash up for grabs every day – a thousand yuan just waiting to be won!
Vans 届时将会揭幕全新设计的 Sidewalk Sessions 道具,包括透明人字坡,巨型铅笔课本道具,组合斜面&彩虹杆……所有到场的滑手都可以连续四天,体验风格十足的滑板道具。
📕 在场地内通过指定的道具与招数完成挑战后,拍摄成招视频上传小红书加上标签 @Vans #Vans城市巡滑 就有机会获得 Vans 滑板助力礼包一份。💴 现场每天千元现金大奖等你来一一收入囊中!

This Sidewalk Sessions tour is taking things to the next level with even more fun and artsy stuff. We're not just talking skate contests – there's also a Vans Skate Skool, a pop-up shop that's only here for a limited time, art workshops, a food zone, and a Game of Vans interactive area. It's a full-on skate and cultural experience!
本次城市巡滑还增添了更多趣味性与艺术元素,除了系列滑板比赛,Vans Skate Skool 滑板学校,还有限时快闪店,艺术工作坊,美食营地以及 Game of Vans 互动游戏区。

Vans Skate Skool is the perfect place to learn the ropes! We've got pro coaches, all the safety gear you need, and a fun, safe environment to get you rolling. After the lesson, you'll score a sweet skate certificate and even have a chance to win a limited-edition Vans Sidewalk Sessions tour tee. It's the ultimate skate experience!
Vans Skate Skool 滑板学校配备专业教练&护具,带你安全愉快的体验滑板。课程结束后,参与者还可获得精美滑板证书,并有机会赢取 Vans Sidewalk Sessions 城市巡滑系列赛限定 T恤作为专属奖品。

Hit up the Game of Vans interactive zone! Add the shop's WeChat during the event and you can play the "Shoe Shape Challenge" for a chance to win limited-edition Sidewalk Sessions tour tees, Vans cash vouchers, and other awesome Vans swag (while supplies last, so don't sleep on it).
Over at the Art Workshop, spend 699 RMB or more at the pop-up shop or the Vans store on the 5th floor of Zhengzhou Zhenghong City, and you'll snag a free Hi-Monster shoe monster. Then, get creative and customize your own unique Hi-Monster at the Art Workshop (limited number of Hi-Monsters each day, so don't miss out)!
Game of Vans 互动游戏区,活动期间添加店铺企微,即可参与“鞋型挑战”互动游戏,更有机会赢取城市巡滑系列赛限定 T恤,Vans 现金券,Vans 限定周边等惊喜好礼(数量有限,送完即止)。
Art Workshop 艺术工作坊,在快闪店或郑州正弘城 5 楼 Vans 专卖店消费满 699 元,即可获赠 Hi-Monster 鞋怪一只。参与活动现场 Art Workshop 艺术工作坊,创作自己专属的 Hi-Monster 鞋怪吧(Hi-Monster 鞋怪每天数量有限,送完即止)!

Swing by the pop-up shop or the Vans store on the 5th floor of Zhengzhou Zhenghong City between June 20th and 23rd, and you could score some sweet Vans swag! We're talking skate stools, Hi-Monster shoe monsters, limited-edition Vans GSD tees, and exclusive Sidewalk Sessions tote bags. Don't miss out on these rad giveaways!
6 月 20 日 - 23 日活动期间打卡快闪店或郑州正弘城 5 楼 Vans 专卖店,还有机会获得 Vans 滑板椅子,Hi-Monster 鞋怪,Vans GSD 限定 T恤,城市巡滑系列赛限量帆布袋,等 Vans 城市巡滑系列赛限定好礼!

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