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在巴巴变相册偶然发现了这个,这个哥们竟然把整本书都扫描了传到相册里。这本书看起来像是台湾出的,里面的示范人物都是小日本,点击上图查看相册。 I find this in an online photo album named Bababian(looks like fake flickr China). Click the photo above to … read more

2007年8月号的Thrasher封面是上海的SMP滑板场(点击小图查看大图) The cover of 2007 Augest issue of Thrasher Magazine is Shanghai SMP skatepark.

如果稍微留心一下,你会经常在我们身边的杂志上看到滑板的身影… Hei Chai, Guangzhou skater. “That’s” mag is an english mag for foreigner who living in Guangzhou.

Ed’s new book “Nobody Living Can Ever Make Me Turn Back” should be available in your local skateshop very soon. … read more

Hundreds of new skateparks are being built every year. It is a boom era for public skateboarding facilities. However, no … read more