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Foundation 的最新长片 《Oddity》完整发布!长度将近半小时!Cole Wilson,Aidan Campbell 等等队员不断尝试努力,再加上吸引人的BGM和精美剪辑,这支队伍太躁了! Foundation never left, but this video launches them back onto the center of the … read more

Foundation公司自豪地宣布启用自己的新网站,其2013新板面已在网站内挂上了,独具创意,艺术气息及未来星际风格,快去看看吧 Foundation Super Co is proud to announce its new website that pushes the envelope of creativity, the art of … read more

Corey Duffel加入Foundation10周年纪念party前晚在TWS滑板场举行.曾经的Foundation!曾经的Corey Duffel, 现在的滑板市场变化真的不小呀. COREY DUFFEL X FOUNDATION 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY

Click the photo above to go check Foundation website. 点击上图前往Foundation新网站。

Learn a little bit about new Foundation Am, Alex Gourdouros in this day in the life video. Foundation的新AM滑手Alex Gourdouros, 去观看他的video吧。

Corey Duffel broken his ankle and will unfortunately not be able to go for Foundation next week on KOTR. It … read more

With an impressive list of wins over the past few years and equally impressive video parts, Foundation has thrown Sierra … read more