Rune Glifberg and etnies have parted ways following a loyal and lengthy relationship. Lincoln Udea has found a new home close to his childhood hero with Hosoi Skates. A perfect fit! Both Jereme Rogers and Guru Khalsa are no longer riding for DVS. No word yet as to which brand of shoes they will lace up in the weeks and months to come.
到年底了这人事变动还挺频繁,Rune离开了etnies,Jereme Rogers和Guru Khalsa也离开了DVS,都是大新闻啊。

This, indeed, is one of those updates where we have to wish farewell to a long-time friend and an amazing skateboarder. Rune Glifberg is pursuing new opportunities in the footwear world and we will certainly miss him. Rune’s skating is nothing short of incredible. He’s been affiliated with etnies longer than any other rider on the team, since the days of High 5, and for that kind of loyalty and dedication, we are thankful. Best of luck to you, Rune! We’re all looking forward to your part in Extremely Sorry and we’ll see you out there skating soon!


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