独立滑板杂志43 magazine的第四期已经印刷完毕即将上市,在这本杂志之中Allen Ying又会给大家带来许多精彩作品,同时4月16日在旧金山还将举行43 magazine 004摄影展,更多展览细节内容请继续关注
“43 004 is off to the printer! if you haven’t already, this is the last chance to pre-order issue 004 to get it fastest, shipped straight from the printer early april. orders made after tues mar 18, 2014 likely won’t ship until early may because we’ll be in san francisco for the issue release photography show.”

来看看 stoops magazine!


check out stoops magazine!
the new all new york city skateboard magazine.
rob gonyon - frontside nosegrind - the bronx, new york - by allen ying - 2012
rob gonyon – frontside nosegrind – the bronx – by allen ying

戳 stoopsmagazine.com 来看本周四stoops首次摄影展览

check stoopsmagazine.com for the 1st stoops photography show this thursday!


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