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从2005年开始,由Danny Way 发明的Megaramp就因无可比拟的观赏性成为了每年XGAMES必不可少的比赛项目.今年的XGAMES将至,Megaramp的比赛也首次由户外转到了室内,完美的灯光和现场的观众气氛,一定会给我们带来更加刺激的比赛.今天,Megaramp的官方网站刊登了几张已经完工的场地图,先来一饱眼福吧.
今年Megaramp比赛有所改进,注意上图左侧的绿色光柱, 那是用来记录选手腾空高度的.比赛时选手身上会佩带一个传感器,光柱会感应选手腾空高度并显示出来,科学又公平.
Here are pictures of the completed MegaRamp inside Staples Center.
Check out the light column that is at the top of the quarter pipe. Riders will wear a sensor that will track their height as they fly over the ramp and it will register automatically on the column. Coverage of the BMX and Skate practice in the next post.


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