Tony Hawk Inc. Aquires Birdhouse(Tony Hawk全资收购Birdhouse) - KickerClub

日前,Tony Hawk的公司Tony Hawk Inc.全资收购了Birdhouse的全部股权,全资控股。
After a 15 year partnership with Per Welinder, Tony Hawk has bought out the former freestyle champ and can now bring the completeBirdhouse brand under his Tony Hawk Inc. wing. From the Press Release:
“By purchasing the brand, Tony Hawk will initiate integrating Birdhouse into his overall activities and his business, Tony Hawk, Inc. Full ownership will also give Tony increased oversight and involvement to his biggest priority, the Birdhouse team riders.
The asset purchase will allow Per Welinder to continue his passion of incubating core brands. Blitz continues to distribute the Birdhouse, Baker, Flip, Fury, Sk8Mafia and Hook-Ups brands.”


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