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随着iPhone和iPod touch的持续热销,越来越多的厂商开始关注于这个全新的媒介,为滑手开发应用程序和游戏.之前我给大家介绍过销量惊人的Touch Grind.还有VANS推出的碗池游戏,Deluxe推出的产品目录小程序.还有一些帮助滑手寻找你所处位置附近滑板店和滑板场的程序(限美国),还有一些介绍滑板运动,叫授滑板动作的程序如go skate等,最近又一款以Mike Vallely命名的滑板游戏–Mike V Do or Die–即将发布.目前该游戏的官方网站上公布了一些该游戏的画面和视频.很值得期待.
Mike V Do or Die will focus on Mike`s path, passions and career. It will feature an overview of his evolution as an individual and lifelong accomplishments in the history of skateboarding.
Players will need to complete various events to unlock miscellaneous elements including exclusive bonus materials.



Full 3D graphics
Licensed brands & sponsors
Over 40 unique tricks
Cutting edge controls
7 skate levels
Special stunt mode
Driving mode with missions
You play as Mike V from different eras – you can customize your character, board, wheels and car.
Exclusive content and special features to be unlocked.



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