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之前说过朋友Nate在海南在建一个小U池,现在U池早建好了,就在大东海Surfing Hainan冲浪店的旁边。这个U池5.5英尺高,16英尺宽,32英尺长,弧度半径7英尺。U池通体涂了桐油用于防潮,平常不玩的时候也有苫布遮盖避免阳光和雨水的侵袭,保养的很好。这里也经常会有各种party/活动。现在Nathan回夏威夷了,希望他早点回来海南我就可以去找他冲浪,滑板啦。
Here is an update about the CHOLO RAMP in Da Dong Hai, Hainan, next to the SURFING HAINAN shop:
It has been done for a few months now and is handling quite nicely. Hard core sessions have been slim to nill, as pretty much only I was skating it. Aside from Jamie Muirhead who has been down twice (and perhaps a random tourist) the ramp is still a virgin. There are however, a few Chinese and a Mongolian (Da Hai and Tie Zhaung) who have been giving it a go. These guys also surf very well and they are China’s best and only surfers who give great lessons for surfing too. Check’m out at



Skate Session


On this ramp I experimented with some plexiglass surfacing for better waterproofed and resiliant riding surface, but it failed. (very expensive experiment) Now it is sheeted with standard Chinese masonite wich has been painted and sealed with “TONG YOU” tongue oil. The ramp has a cover wich is used at all times unless being skated. This gives great sun and rain protection, (a wooden ramps enemy) This ramp stands 5.5 feet tall, 16 feet wide, 32 feet long and has a 7 foot transition radius. This radis and height combo is ideal for locking in “Smith Grinds” and what i love best BLASTING AIRS!

The venue, just outside of the SURFING HAINAN shop is ideal for anyone to enjoy surfing and skating all in the same day. The venue has also created a great atmoshere for hanging out and watching, as well as throwing parties. With the big open space, a resident DJ (DJ MOYU), a great vinyl collection from shop owner Brendan Sheridan, and great weather, it is a “no brainer.” Just before i left for Hawaii a couple months ago some very good friends of mine threw an engagement party there. AND the new years party there was insane. Lots of fun to have.

Last but not least, CHOLO also offers skate hardgoods. Grab a fully complete set up, or swap out some old stuff for new. All this located within the SURFING HAINAN shop.
Cholo是Nathan的滑板品牌,可以在Surfing Hainan店内买到。


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