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7月29日到8月1日,全球最盛大的极限运动赛事ESPN XGAMES将在洛杉矶举迎来第16届赛事!作为全球极限运动赛事及极限运动本身的引领者,每年的赛事都会在比赛项目,赛事组织,赛事转播等很多方面给我们带来很多全新的理念和信息。还有一个重要的部分就是比赛场地的设计和搭建。从早年传统的street park加U池,到后来的纯街区比赛再到引入MegaRamp再到加入SuperBowl.那么今年的比赛场地又有哪些亮点呢?ESPN网站公布了今年比赛的场地设计图,来研究一下吧。
From July 29 to Aug. 1, ESPN will celebrate its 16th annual action sports event entirely downtown between the STAPLES Center, Nokia Theatre, the Los Angeles Coliseum and L.A. LIVE. ESPN Action Sports announced a set of photos about the XGames 16’s skatepark design…

In the past, X Games vert ramps have incorporated elbows, hips, rails and extensions, but for 2010, the X Games vert ramp retains a traditional vert ramp feel. With two-feet of vert and a width of 55-feet, look for the likes of Bob Burnquist, Bucky Lasek, Kevin Robinson and Jamie Bestwick to be reaching new heights in Los Angeles.

Last year, X Games athletes were just a little stunned to show up and find a concrete park course in the middle of the X Games. This year, the ‘crete is back, and the course is bigger than ever. Combining a broad mix of street-style obstacles with the flow and speed of a concrete park, the X Games 16 Park Course has something for everyone, from speed freaks to technicians.
The design of the course is unlike any other skatepark in existence, though it does include elements of design from both modern day and classic skateparks (including two snake runs.) The design also allows for massive transfers, bringing to mind the skating of Rune Glifberg or the riding of Gary Young.

In downtown Miami, Fla., a local artist sculpted huge orange peels as a homage to the native Floridian fruit. Unfortunately, the finished sculpture, a mixture of quarterpipes and manual pads, became a cherished skate and BMX destination for pros the world over. But these days, X Games athletes don’t need to travel to Florida to skate the famous “Orange Peels.” X Games 16’s street course has its own version.

个人感觉这个街区赛场的设计有点像前不久纽约的money cup,都是单向的台阶加扶手形式,今年的新趋势?
And now onto another section of the X Games 16 street course. Featuring ample runways, two ledges, a legit rail and double sets in a variety of directions, the X Games 16 stairs setup is sure to bruise a few heels and bring out the hammers in both skate and BMX.

Adjacent to the stairs setup at X Games 16 is the Euro Gap setup. With gaps running into banks of the mellow and steep variety, along with room for speed in both directions, this could get just a little out of hand. Just keep off the grass and security should be fine with you.

X Games 16 Park Course, as seen from above, including heights, lengths and all the info you’d ever need to start a Wikipedia page on the X Games Park Course.

The X Games 16 Street Setup, as seen from above. Mimicking the feel of a modern day skate plaza, along with some well known obstacles in both the skate and BMX fields, X Games 16 Street is sure to be one for the books.

Making the move from The Staples Center to the LA Coliseum is the X Games Big Air ramp. Starting with an 80-foot roll-in, the Big Air ramp drops down to 50-foot and 70-foot launches. After landing off the first launch, the athlete descends the monster-sized landing and hits the biggest quarterpipe at X Games: a 27-foot tall quarterpipe. In the past, names such as Kevin Robinson and Danny Way have dominated the Big Air discipline, but with new names on the start list for both BMX and skateboarding, that could change in 2010.

For the fourth year in a row, Freestyle and Super X will be battling it out for precious course space … but for 2010, the moto action will return to the historic LA Coliseum. To keep up with the ever-progressing sport, this year’s Freestyle course features five metal ramps set at various distances, multiple dirt hits with endless line and transfer options, a wall ride, quarter pipe, and a rainbow rail/jib box. The biggest surprises on the Super X course is the never-seen-before downhill start, massive Freestyle-influenced jumps, and a tunnel — which will see riders racing through the quarter pipe section of the Mega Ramp.


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