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近来 Altamont 和 Billabong 签订协议,Altamont 收购了 Billabong 旗下的包和配饰品牌 DAKINE,并且成为Billabong 资本重组的两个首要公司之一,这个起初创办于旧金山的街头品牌如今发展如此之猛着实让人惊讶
Altamont Acquires Dakine From Billabong

由夏威夷居民 Rob Kaplan 创办的DAKINE始建于1979年,是极限运动市场内最大的包和配饰品牌之一
Altamont 领导 Steve Brownlie 说:“DAKINE是一个高品质的品牌,良好的记录和悠久的历史,在市场供应等环节均有很好的资质,我们期待在消费者业务。”
“它是一个才华横溢的团队在公司,我们很高兴与他们在 DAKINE 的成功历史基础上合作,并推动未来增长机会,”布朗利说。
San Francisco-based Altamont Capital Partners (Altamont) has entered into contract to purchase DAKINE from Billabong International Limited, according to Billabong’s investor relations page. The announcements comes just hours after Billabong announced a recapitalization led by GSO Capital Partners and Altamont, according to the International Venture Capitalist Post:

Steve Brownlie, an Altamont Principal, said “DAKINE has a high quality brand, strong track record, and long history in the markets it serves – all of the qualities we look for in a consumer business.”

“There is a talented team at the company and we are excited to work with them to build on DAKINE’s successful history and drive future growth opportunities,” Brownlie added.

Dakine was founded by Hawaii resident Rob Kaplan in 1979, and has since evolved to be one of the largest bag and accessory brand within the action sports market. Stay tuned for more information as it breaks.


  1. 2013-07-25 at 07:59 Steven

    这个Altamont是SF的一个私募股权公司,一直在私募一些小的生活方式品牌。不是Altamont Apparel 应该

  2. 2013-07-25 at 08:02 Steven

    Altamont 是一个SF的私募股权公司,最近一直在蠢蠢欲动私募一些lifestyle 品牌。 这个应该不是altamont apparel.

  3. 2013-07-25 at 08:03 Steven

    不是,我是玩滑板的。呵呵。 早年间在Ezone,你见过我,我也见多你。哈哈


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