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在今年4月份Skateboarder杂志刚宣布其首个数字平台诞生仅仅过了4个月,Skateboarder杂志就要停止出版了,其上司公司 GrindMedia 宣布将于10月15日停止发售Skateboarder 杂志的纸质版本和电子版本。本周 Skateboarder 将会发布它的第三版电子杂志,同时也将发布最后一本限量纸质杂志,这个经历了快半个世纪的专业滑板杂志最终没有挺过市场的激烈动荡,默哀吧朋友们
GrindMedia today announced that Skateboarder magazine will discontinue regular frequency publishing on print and digital platforms effective October 15, following the release of its third digital edition this week

“不幸的是,市场条件已迫使我们必须做出困难的决定:停刊”SVP集团的出版商GrindMedia Norb Garrett说, “这个消息实在很伤心,我们的新的数字化版本刚刚获得成功,我们的滑板团队工作非常努力,已经成功地在网络上获得众多关注。我们用一切从 Skateboarder 所学的知识,将它们应用到TransWorld Skateboarding 和一些非常有前景有潜力的其他品牌的数字模型中。“

This week Skateboarder will release its third digital edition and companion limited edition print version, which will be its final edition.

“Unfortunately market conditions have forced us to have to make the difficult decision to cease publication of Skateboarder,” said Norb Garrett, SVP Group Publisher of GrindMedia. “It’s especially disappointing given the strong interest and initial success we’ve had with the new digitally focused editions; our Skateboarder team has worked incredibly hard producing a cutting-edge product that has been successful at reaching a larger audience online. We will take all of the learnings from Skateboarder’s efforts and apply them to TransWorld Skateboarding and our other brands as the digital model has demonstrated real promise.”

Skateboarder’s editorial staff and publisher will remain on through October to support the release and distribution of the final issue and continue to support the Web site.



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