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诺基亚Pureview也加入到了滑板视频拍摄之中,滑手们逃离欧洲寒冷的冬季,来到非洲之角埃塞俄比亚,体会当地独一无二的滑板之旅,全片采用Lumia 1020拍摄完成,感受下4100万像素带给我们的异域体验
Ethiopia, cradle of humankind, an out of norms country in the Horn of Africa, where mysterious Addis-Abeba culminates at 2400m, being the 4th higher capital of the world. Escaping our european winter, skaters travellers Mickael Mackrodt, Oscar Candon and photograph Kevin Metallier went to this far-off land for a unique adventure. Equipped with Nokia Lumia 1020 to document their trip like you filmed a session between friends, each of them successively prouducing images, they stayed 10 days and roamed each areas of Addis-Abeda in search of the best spots — a challenge that also took them near the Tana lake, the source of the Nil. Joign them in this memorable journey and discover their unseen images in the much expected vidéo « Ethiopia by skate »


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