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滑板在埃塞俄比亚的发展已经有一段时间,而埃塞俄比亚也已经成为非洲滑板的焦点国家;滑板让当地的孩子远离偷盗、毒品等恶习, 看到那里的孩子们从刚开始接触滑板到现在已经可以自如地翻板玩道具,着实令人高兴,这里孩子们现在发自内心的感受就是:我们只是想滑板
The team on a journey in search of skate spots as the new generation of Ethiopian skaters break new ground in the mission to get skateboarding on the map. Thanks to everyone who has supported the growth of skating in our country. Skateboarders unite! We just want to skate.


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