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FITTED Hawaii和蓝色极限与Vans合作,发布”Waiʻaleʻale” Era Pro,热带风情印花图案点缀在耐磨尼龙鞋面之上,防锈金属鞋带穿孔和隔离鞋垫更增加了鞋子的防水性,并且提供黄色,黑色和白色三种鞋带。8月23日将在FITTED Hawaii和蓝色极限店铺上市!
FITTED Hawaii has teamed up with Blue Hawaii Surf to rework the Vans Era Pro. The classic skate sneaker receives a tropical makeover with multicolored floral print overhauling its nylon ripstop upper. Rust-proof eyelets and a Spacer Mesh footbed adds to the shoe’s water-resistant attribute. Underneath, an all-white vulcanized rubber sole offers a clean contrast and a classic finish. Available with three sets of solid-colored rope laces — black, white and yellow — the Era Pro is a perfect summer shoe to be worn on-the-go, and will be available exclusively from FITTED Hawaii and Blue Hawaii Surf on August 23.

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