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时隔两个月,Free Skate Mag第六期杂志正式上线,封面就是 Daan Van Der Linden 的巨大 Ollie to Backsmith,颇为精彩,里面还包含了 Volcom Holy Stokes 的文章,还有 Lucas 的 Away Days 访谈等等。在线阅读请看进来。
Free Issue 6 is now online in its entirety. Daan Van Der Linden is on the cover with a huge ollie to backside smith stall in Mallorca shot by Jelle Keppens. Inside you’ll find a Kyron Davis interview, Volcom’s Holy Stoked article, Gunes and Lucas Away Days interviews, the Supra Chino tour, Lovenskate in India, Daan’s full interview, a Bloby’s article and more!


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