Free 滑板杂志第七期在线阅读 - KickerClub

时隔两个月,Free Skate Mag第七期杂志完整版在线阅读上线,这期包含了包括 Joe Gavin 的访谈,芬兰还有白俄罗斯的旅途,封面则是 Sebastiaan Vijverberg 的 Wallride Kickflip。阅读请戳进来。
Issue 7 online in full. Take a look inside for an article about the Bombaklats, a Farid Ulrich interview, Beyond from Finland, a Joe Gavin interview, a Pop Trading in Amsterdam article, Getting Loose in Belarus, Igor Fardin and more! Sebastiaan Vijverberg on the cover with a wallride kickflip in Morocco shot by Hendrik Herzmann.


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