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a brief glance 杂志发布了第41期,现在免费在线观看发布。杂志内容包Fragments在意大利,马尔默,墨尔本,罗马的拍摄,还有柏林-伦敦-莫斯科-巴黎的四城记。里面还有 Gilbert Crockett 的伦敦游记等等访谈。

Welcome to a brief glance issue _41. Inside the issue: Fragments_ Ancona, Malmo, Melbourne, Roma. Four cities_Berlin – London – Moscow – Paris. The Ditch. A day in London with_ Gilbert Crockett. The making of… Billy. Jaakko Ojanen_Interview. Places_Finland. … On the cover: Andrew at The Ditch / Photo Davide Biondani.


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