Corey Duffle Broken His Ankle(Corey脚踝骨折) - KickerClub

Corey Duffel broken his ankle and will unfortunately not be able to go for Foundation next week on KOTR. It will now be: Nuge, Sierra Fellers, David Reyes, Abdias Rivera, and Angel Ramirez. Stay up, Corey.
Corey Duffle刚刚在练习的时候摔伤,脚踝骨折,很不幸不能代表Foundation参加下周开始的KOTR(King Of The Road)。住Corey早日康复。(Foundation参加今年KOTR的滑手名单更新为:Nuge, Sierra Fellers, David Reyes, Abdias Rivera 和 Angel Ramirez)


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