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北京南山滑雪场的MellowPark在国内单板滑雪圈尽人皆知.这里有全国最好的单板公园,每年一届的顶级单板赛事-红牛公开赛.他们每年还会带来一部非常精彩的单板电影.而在这背后发起并筹划了这一切的人 – Steve Zdarsky就是今天要采访的主角.作为滑雪届的大佬,来看看他的音乐品味如何.

1, Top 5 in your library
right now i listen a lot too the following 5 songs, depending of how i fell 😉
– alexander / truth
– dio / don’t talk to strangers
– father john misty / hollywood forever cemetery sings
– phantogram / when i’m small
– the presets…basically all of them
and of course basically all mix tapes from dj wordy
当然,我喜欢所有DJ Wordy的mix tapes

2, What’s your way to find some new music?
mostly on sound cloud but also from snow and skate movies. sometimes when i am lucky i get a mix tape which always is tons of new music.
大部分音乐都是从soundcloud.com听来了, 也有一些是从滑雪和滑板视频里听来的. 有时会从一些mix tape里找到很多好听的音乐.

3, We know every year MellowParks has a new snowboarding video, How do you choose music for the videos?
for the first 3 movies the person who cut it chose the music with small input from olli or me but for the last 2 years the main rider choose the songs they like and they fit their riding i suppose. pretty good tunes and thats important for every movie.

4, Tell us something about the Xing headphone? what’s the idea for the graphic?
今年你们再次和Skullcandy合作推出了你们滑雪电影特别款耳机XING, 能给我们讲讲这款耳机的设计灵感么?
the last 3 years skullcandy made us co-lab headphones along with our movie. we originally used the ICON2 cauz thats the one the kids where on the slopes. for this year we went high class with the AVIATORS which is awesome. only 25 made and they are really super special. the design goes with the overall design of the movie. pretty stoked on them. we actually have 2 different designs…one for the riders in the movie and one for the raffles at the 11 premiere stops. u see the “special rider design” on the heads of those kids. haha
Skullcandy在过去三年里一直和我们合作推出合作款耳机. 本来我们用ICON2这款, 因为很多滑雪的人都喜欢这款. 但是今年我们改用Skullcandy的高级货Aviators. 而且限量只有25支! 耳机上的图案来自我们今年的电影XING, 我们有2款不同的设计.一款是给我们电影中出现的滑手, 另一款被用来在全国11场首映式里作抽奖的奖品.

5, The story about Chuan’r headphone?
same thing like with the XING headphones but we used the ICON2 that is worn on slopes by basically everybody that listens to tunes while riding. we wanted to keep them stylish and not so in your face with the main colour black but with some orange IN YOUR FACE parts on there. also the white 串儿 is pretty good i think.
和XING一样, 但是用的是ICON2这款大家都喜欢在滑雪的时候佩戴的耳机. 我们在基本的黑色上加了点橘红色, 我觉得看起来不错.


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