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What did KickerClub do in 2023?

This is not really a question. In this little office, and in the little homes of our editors, we and our friends in the Chinese skate scene have been putting out some pretty good content. Let's start with our feature content.

We had an opportunity to do a cultural publication again this year, as a skateboarding media this is a great honor for us. Of course, we must thank our good friends Mijiang and BENBEN for all the support they've given us. Tibet is probably the closest place to heaven but far away skateboarding. This zine is focused on this remote region. The publication has already been sent out to skate shops in China, and we had posted the content on our social media platform too. We hope that with the help of these content, we get close to this beautiful region of the world.

我们今年又有机会做文化刊物了,作为一家滑板媒体,这是我们莫大的荣幸。当然也要感谢好朋友米酱和 BENBEN 给予我们的支持帮助。

Aside from the zine, we've also been getting a little bit of action on the streets. With the support of Quanpin Sports and our friends around the nation, we put up a couple of not-so-secret curbs in Shanghai, Qingdao, and Shenzhen, encouraging people to get creative in the streets. The result is that you guys are awesome!
The real fun is always out there in the street, and the curbs are just the smallest expression of our creativity.

除了报刊,我们也在街上搞了点事情。在全品体育和各地滑板好友的支持下,我们在上海,青岛,深圳放了几条不那么神秘的 crub ,鼓励大家在街头或道具上,发挥自己的创意。结果就是,你们都太棒了!

Is there anything better than skateboarding trips? If there is, it's more skateboarding trips. We finally got a chance to get around the world this year and there are so many old friends out there. We went to Japan twice, once to introduce you to the different shop cultures, and once to experience SLS in Tokyo with adidas. From street stories, to SLS, to skateboarding schools and exclusive interviews, I hope you've all read through them, there's really a lot to think about in these cultural differences.

我们两次去了日本,一次为大家介绍了那些不一样的店铺文化,一次是和 adidas 体验了全面的旅行,从街头故事SLS 东京,再到上面的滑板学校和独家专访。希望你们都读过了这些内容,里面真的有很多值得思考的事。

And yes, we also went to America, the heart of skateboarding. Vans shoe wear tests and the 50th anniversary of SANTA CRUZ are made the trip worthwhile. Did I mention we even got lucky enough to win the raffle, as well as visit Mark Oblow's house?

是的,我们还去了美国,在世界滑板最热闹的地方。大规模的 Vans 鞋测和 SANTA CRUZ 50 周年活动,绝对让这趟旅途显得超值。我有提到我们甚至运气好到中奖,以及拜访了 Mark Oblow 的家吗?

This year we also took a little trip around Southeast Asia to see more of the current state of Southeast Asian skaters. The situation is that we're not bad, but they're all wild and killing it in the streets too. We hope that more communication will lead to more healthy competition and progress for all of us. We look forward to next year already!


Back in China, we also do podcasts, and one of the things that stuck out the most was talking to Matthew and Xiao Xiao Hu. They symbolize something different inside and out in a way, and it's also allowed us to see more stories on contests and brands outside of skateboarding.
There's still too much to worry about with this part of Skateboarding, but stretching out the timeline further and further, these will just end up being part of the processes.


This year we also had the chance to have an exclusive interview with Team Healthy and Saga Skateboards. Austria and Guizhou are a long way from each other, but we're all doing pretty much the same thing: skating more and feeling the heartbeat from excitement.

今年我们还有机会和老 Healthy 和小板命进行一次独家专访,奥地利和贵州很远,不过大家做的事都蛮像的:滑更多的板,感受更多极限状态下的心跳。

This year we had the opportunity to travel to Chengdu, Taihang Mountains, Hubei, Beijing, Xinjiang and then back to Shanghai. Not only did we continue with the KickerGoods content, but we also brought you a new KTV style short film, so we hope you all enjoy watching it. Let's just say, Well done, Shangyu.

今年我们的镜头也没有停下,从成都太行山湖北北京新疆,再到上海。我们不但继续着 KickerGoods,我们也带来了新的 KTV 风格短片,希望你们都观影愉快。让我们说一句,好样的,尚宇。

What's going on in Chinese skateboarding?

Enough of the boring gossip and controversy, let's get down to business. A lot of amazing things happened in China this year. We witnessed the Grand Master craziness in Anaya and noticed a lot of the new generation of skaters at the Tangshan "Tai Wu Cup" contest.

Vans has done a lot of skate trips, and this year's Beijing charity donation event was a great success. Quanpin Sports traveled to many cities in China with their NHS collection and DBH and SAGA skaters.

Vans 做了很多巡回活动,滑板之旅,也完成了今年的北京公益之旅全品体育带着 NHS 藏品和 DBH,SAGA 的滑手们走过中国许许多多的城市。

Converse brought out Louie and Alexis, Vision took skaters on some trips and brought a halloween party in Shanghai, and adidas brought out a truck theme obstacle tour this year, as well they pushed out a few of great videos. We'll talk about those in the movie section.

Converse 喊来了 LouieAlexisVision 也带着滑手们做了些旅行万圣节夜晚的疯狂活动;adidas,今年不仅带着滑手进行了浩浩荡荡的卡车之旅,也带来了很多不错的影片。关于这些影片,我们会在影片的内容中说的。

China Skate Videos

As we said, we've posted a lot of movies this year. We're far from satisfied, we want to see more local videos. All the videos mentioned below can be found on the KickerClub social platforms. Of course, there are a few that aren't on KickerClub that you can check out at Wandering (like the Mashi's series).
Let's start with Vans, they went on a Kunming trip, also brought out "G2963" video; Vision went to Macau and Xinjiang; and adidas brought out a Beijing and Shanghai tour video.

正如我们所说,今年发了很多影片,虽然我们还远不满足。以下提到的影片,都可以在 KickerClub 全平台找到。当然还有一些不在我们这里的,可以去 Wandering 观看(比如马屎的系列影片)。
先说说 Vans,今年带来了昆明之旅深圳 G2963;Vision 发布了澳门之旅,新疆之旅和一部纪录片;adidas 则是带来了北京和上海旅行影片。

Brands were making loud noises, and skateboarders' brands were making independent videos too. We must mention two of them individually:


In the POGO video, Yuan Dong's 5050 exploded the internet of skateboarding, and the photographer Humble also left us precious photos on this crazy trick. The spot was torn down shortly after, this 5050 was the only trick done on this spot.

在 POGO 这部影片中,袁冬的 5050 直接刷爆国内外滑板全网,摄影师大虾也为我们留下了珍贵的照片。因为这个地形不久后就被拆掉,令这个 5050 直接宣布封顶。

This trick is not only crazy, but more importantly, it represents creativity in skateboarding. Not everyone would choose this kind of spot.


The other one, as you might have guessed, is Smile's 29th stair trick - the biggest noseslide ever, which will probably leave a long-lasting memory in skateboarding history. The video also got a lot of attention on THRASHER. Smile has brought the attention of more foreign media and skaters to notice the power of China's new generation of skaters.

另一个想必你们也猜到了,笑脸的 29 层——这个堪称史上最大的 noseslide,估计会在滑板历史上留下一段很长久的记忆。这部影片也在 THRASHER 上得到了很多的关注。同样,他也让更多外国媒体和滑手,注意到了中国街头上的力量。
最近 TRICK OF THE YEAR 也公布了年度最佳动作的入选名单,笑脸就在其中。而我们认为其他动作是无法与这个动作相提并论的。笑脸不仅有大地形,也选择了不那么常见的动作。他值得。THRASHER 甚至为他单独颁了奖——THE GREAT RAIL OF CHINA。

Recently, TRICK OF THE YEAR announced the list of the best tricks of the year, and Smile's noseslide was one of them. And we don't think any other move can compare to this one yet. Not only does Smile can skate big rails, but he also chooses a less common trick. He deserves it. THRASHER even gave him a separate award for it - THE GREAT RAIL OF CHINA.


Whether he is the final winner, we have to say that Smile and Yuan Dong have contributed a lot to China's skateboarding. We hope that more skaters will be encouraged to know how to work hard on the street, not just to "just have fun". Difficulty, creativity, and seriousness are all things that need to be consider in one's skate career. I hope that next year we'll have the opportunity to talk about more of these things.

There were also a lot of good videos in China this year, so let's make a brief list.
KIZZLES released lots of content in a row this year, three RIVERSIDE episodes, and they had a premiere of the Kunming tour video and the feature film "KEY".
Beijing's LOVESPOT not only demolished their "home", but also went to the subway for a bit of fun, and of course they did a lot of exhibitions and events this year.

KIZZLES 今年一连发了很多内容,光 RIVERSIDE 就有三部,他们还有一个昆明影片长片「KEY」的首映。
北京的 LOVESPOT 不仅拆家了,还去地下铁里玩了一圈,当然他们今年还做了不少展览和活动。

Anti-face continued with their punk rock style this year, bringing us the video "Punk on Wheels 01", and Li Zhi Hui pitched in with "Punk is a Natural Phenomenon". We'll be looking forward to his newest work this week too, so keep your eyes peeled for that.
Extreme Gray Wolf crew proved that not only are they good at making EV scooter videos, but this year's Big Blue Bottle 0.75L video is a plus on their work resume.

极限灰狼证明,他们不仅拍的好电动车滑板影片,今年的大蓝瓶0.75L 影片绝对加量不加价。

Of course, there are also Shanghai NO POP, Facade in Shenzhen, WildLife Episode 2, People Skateboard's weekly rider report, MORE Street Tour ...... There are also a lot of skaters' solo videos and interviews on KickerClub this year, such as Xinjiang's Tiemu, Guangdong Cheng Cheng's first skateboarding video, Ji Xiang Shougou and Lanwan's personal skate video part, Baicai's video & interview, Shougou and Lanwan's personal movie, NIGHTOWL's "Wuhan", Changsha's "Curve", Qinhuangdao's "Ji-C", SUPPRESS TEMPTATION, and Xiao Dang's "KATHARSIS"......

当然还有上海 NO POPFacade 深圳WildLife 第二集,社会《认真开玩笑》,MORE 街头游……今年还有很多滑手的个人影片和专访在 KickerClub 播出,比如新疆滑手铁木,广东女滑手程程首部滑板影片冀翔个人滑板影片,白菜影片&专访,瘦狗个人影片,北京的老万,NIGHTOWL 影片「武汉」长沙的《逶迤》秦皇岛《冀·C》,SUPPRESS TEMPTATION,小党的《KATHARSIS》……

In our Wechat account's tab bar, you can find these great contents from #Film, #KTV Video, #Skateboard Screening Room, #Domestic Exclusive.
We have to say that it's because of all these that we can be called KickerClub and we can say that our existence is to serve the skate community ......

在我们公众号的标签栏中,你可以从 #影片,#KTV 视频,#滑板放映厅,#国内独家 找到这些精彩内容。
我们得说,正是因为有了这一切,我们才能叫 KickerClub,我们才可以说我们的存在是唯一真实的……

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